August 21-22, 2014


This year, the CRAQé wants to know your tips and tricks for outreach projects. Regardless of our social skills, the modern physicist must be able to communicate the science that inspires us. From making scientific workshops in schools to modern dance, all methods are good for spreading knowledge. Come share what it means to communicate, whether to the public or other scientists informally.

Here are some topic ideas.

  • Synthesize knowledge:
    • Your thesis in one sentence (Vox pop UdeM)
    • Tweet your Ph.D.
    • ACFAS Your defense in 180 seconds
  • Alternative ways:
    • Dance Your Ph.D.
    • Cooking your thesis
  • Eureka Festival
  • Amateur astronomy groups
  • Science communication
  • BD extension
    • XKCD...
  • Youtube
    • MinutePhysics
    • Veritasium
    • SciShow
  • Press release
  • How to interest children and teach them what they do not understand