21 et 22 août, 2014


Public Outreach at SFU: Planning events, engaging the community, and encouraging scientific curiousity

Eadie Gwendolyn (McMaster University)

Simon Fraser University

When I was an undergraduate student at Simon Fraser University (SFU), I wanted to learn more about astronomy. However, SFU did not have an astronomy program, so I founded the SFU Astronomy Club in 2008. The club quickly grew to over 100 members, and we started collaborating with other outreach groups at SFU such as Starry-Nights@SFU (run by Dr. Howard Trottier) and Science in Action (run by Dr. Sophie Lavieri). In this presentation, I will talk about my experiences with public outreach, planning large events, and engaging the community. Partly as a result of our volunteer work, SFU has exciting plans for the future!

Mode de présentation à confirmer par le comité